The Balearic Islands

Formentera is much more than the last Mediterranean Paradise where classic summer holidays can be enjoyed. It is an island oasis surrounded by peace and tranquillity, enhanced by a surprisingly well-conserved natural environment.
Formentera offers visitors an assortment of simple pleasures which ensure a pleasurable stay on the island at any time of the year. Its mild climate (with an average temperature of 16ºC between November and April) allows for swimming in the sea year round, while our renowned autumns and springs paint the island in magnificent shades of light and incredible colours.

The hues of the landscape are rendered more harmonious and limpid when the island is relieved of the dazzling light that invades it in the summer season. Watching the sunset or simply gazing at the sky and the sea become unique experiences which, in and of themselves, justify a trip to Formentera.